Democrats' Last Stand in Ohio

And we ain't talking presidential.

Ate truck tacos outside my therapist’s office yesterday along W. Broad Street in the Hilltop and realized if I squinted hard enough I could turn my grimy worldview into the white sands and blue seas I had come to know and love in Mexico.

The mirage lasted until I got told I had made progress which has always been a precursor to something cataclysmic happening in my life.

If I die today please know I’m sorry but none of y’all are getting any of your money back as my entire estate will be transferred to The Starcat who will be tap-dancing on Mars before anyone realizes I died.

In the meantime you freeloaders of which there are many please consider throwing rubies at my feet.


I’m not sure any Democrat will beat President Business Deals the self-anointed King of the Jews in Ohio. The good news for those of us that don’t believe black people should be shipped back to Africa is the presidential circus isn’t the most important race in 2020 affecting everyday life in state.

That is the Supreme Court contest where the Democrats could win control of Ohio’s highest court for the first time since 1980 or something wild like that. It offers Democrats the first substantial opportunity to push back against the GOP rat-fucking of this state since Ted Strickland resided in the governor’s mansion for those four years before the Koch Brothers dumped ~$1 billion against him.

From Jo Ingles of

Some of the biggest races on the ballot next year could be for the Ohio Supreme Court. Two seats now held by Republican justices will be open. A prominent Democrat who has held statewide office says she wants one of them. 

Appeals Court Judge and former Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner says she is running for the seat now held by Justice Judith French. Brunner says she is running because the court will take up big issues like criminal justice and property rights.

“The Supreme Court sort of sets the tone for what issues are we going to consider, what issues are we going to look at, how are we going to look at them and they have a way, as I saw when I was Secretary of State protecting people’s votes, of filtering down to affect people in the most intimate ways," Brunner says.

The biggest advantage this offers Democrats is the race is non-competitive meaning candidates won’t have a (D) or (R) next to their name and most Republican voters are low-information as evidenced by Miami County rejecting icons like Sherrod Brown and myself while electing hardcore liberal Michael P. Donnelly to the Supreme Court on account he has a nice White-sounding name with no (D) next to his name.

If the Democrats fail to capture both these seats… kiss the state goodbye and abandon the ship unless you like the sound of living in Alabama or Missouri which is what the state will become once the Republicans control all the infinity stones.


Columbus police love nothing more than using black children as props in social media posts to prove that they’re good and not part of a racist gang.

Yet when you step beyond the pictures the CPD wants the public to see you quickly learn many cops feel an entirely different way about black adults who they can’t use as props.

From Bethany Bruner and Bill Brush of

Columbus police have a “significant disparity of use of force against minority residents” that the city must address, according to a consultant’s recommendations on improving the division.

Highlighting multiple issues of racial disparity, a 330-page review by Matrix Consulting Group, completed for the Columbus Community Safety Advisory Commission as part of its review of city police training and procedures, found numerous racial divides within the Police Division.

Though white residents make up almost 61% of the city’s population, they account for 26 percent of the Police Division’s 438 incidents involving use of force in 2017, the study found. Blacks, however, account for about half of the use-of-force incidents — hovering between 49% and 53% since 2013, even though black residents make up only 28% of the city’s population.

“There was a clear and discernible disparity of application (of use of force) between ‘black’ and ‘white’ contacts,” said the report, obtained by The Dispatch through the Ohio Public Records Act.

It’s pathetic a study needed to be commissioned on this subject as if all the stories about police abuse from black and brown community members doesn’t mean a thing until an academic verifies studies what was already clear to anybody who wasn’t a cop or has cop family.

The local Democratic machine loves to present themselves as progressive protectors yet not one of them has the courage to stand against an armed gang that beats marginalized citizens. Not! A! Single! One!


One trick powerful people like to use when they’re accurately quoted is to say wow actually that’s not what I said. So it went for the Fuyao executive in Dayton that admitted to breaking the law in front of cameras from the new smash-hit documentary American Factory that you should watch.

From Thomas Gnau of

Fuyao’s chief executive said Monday a subtitled translation in the Netflix documentary “American Factory” — a translation in which Liu tells Fuyao’s chairman that he has fired supporters of a unionization effort at the company — is misleading.

“I have nothing to say since it is not true statement and misleading translation in the film,” Jeff Liu, CEO of Fuyao Glass America, said in an email to the Dayton Daily News.

The scene in the documentary shows Liu speaking in a private meeting at Fuyao with company founder Cho Tak Wong in 2016 or 2017. At the time, company leaders were concerned about a United Auto Workers campaign to persuade Fuyao workers to approve a UAW-represented bargaining unit. Company workers rejected UAW representation in a November 2017 plant vote.

According to subtitled translations in the film, Cho is shown saying he will close the Moraine plant if workers create a bargaining unit. Cho also says that continued “bleeding” of money at the plant is “worse than a union.”

America’s percentage of unionized workers (a pathetic 10.7%) would be much higher if every worker paid attention to how every pig boss hates unions. Unless of course they think the pig boss has their best interest in heart.


Ohio is much more likely to protect public health if the threat involves a rabid raccoon instead of an 13-year-old rape victim looking for an abortion.

From Drew Scofield of

Later this week, Ohio plans to drop nearly a million vaccine doses across 14 counties to inoculate the state’s raccoon population against rabies.

The Ohio Department of Health is partnering with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Inspection Service to drop around 800,000 vaccine baits across a 4,825 square mile area to create an “immune barrier” along the state line.

Health officials said the baits are small blister packs filled with vaccine and covered in a green waxy coating that is sweet-smelling.

The baits will be air-dropped by plane and helicopter and distributed by ground crews starting on Aug. 23. Residents should be aware of low-flying aircraft.

Hmmm. Maybe we could turn these baits into granola bars and sprinkle them around suburban schools where wine moms don’t believe in vaccinating their children. Just a thought sorry if this offends.


Browns and Buckeyes will soon be upon us (I refused to discuss preseason every day like a maniac) but until then I will highlight any case involving a young Ohioan realizing her dream of carrying mail with the patriots at the United States Postal Service.


WESTWOOD, Ohio (CNN) – A young woman with Down Syndrome has dreamed of becoming a mail carrier her entire life.

Now, thanks to an Ohio post office, that wish became a reality.

Grace Flannery is 21, and ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to be a “mailwoman.”

Tuesday, the Postal Service delivered her dream.

Her first day of work was alongside letter carrier Melissa Tilton, who walked Grace through her workday.

“I love my job. I love my job to begin with, and then when I find out that someone else wants to do it, I’m like ‘Yeah, let’s do it. This will be great,'” Tilton said.

Just another example of how anyone who hates on the Postal Service is a borderline fascist.

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