I'm starting to think Millennials' financial situation isn't a coincidence.
Hard to believe why the Ohio Democratic Party is getting its ass kicked.
Who gets to make the money off the windfall? It's hard to say...
And it included police dragging two black women out of a luncheon.
I wish somebody would tell me I can't park my car on the street.
Our leaders remain groveling corporate shills.
It doesn't matter how long you work. The suits will steal your pension if they need to.
What will happen when the rich have to pay their fair share?
We need to storm the Haslam Compound. Point blank period.
Working on groundbreaking research that indicates exercising is good for your overall mental wellbeing. I’ve been eating plants and doing push-ups for …
Congrats on being born! Unfortunately this is the end of the line for any government assistance you might need.
I'm aware of this concept and now you must be too.